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Popular Business Loan:

Equipment Loan

Chances are, the business equipment you're looking to acquire is critical to your business and its expansion, and can last you many years after your lease expires. You need to consider depreciation of your asset, leasing costs, tax benefits and a number of other variables to fairly compare lease versus buy options.  As a fast rule of thumb, however, if your equipment has a low obsolescence factor and depreciates over 5 to 10 years, it's usually better to buy the asset. If the equipment is technology-based with constant upgrades in software, leasing may be the better option. OKLEM¡¯s  small business loan can help you on your way to getting the equipment you need.

Inventory Loan

Managing your cash flow well means buying enough inventory to keep your customers happy, while selling it quickly enough to cover your costs and avoid large storage bills. In consequence, you should generally be turning over your inventory in a few months.   If you need to borrow to purchase your inventory, you should also try to match revenue with expenses. So, your inventory loan should be for months not years. Paying for this year¡¯s inventory next year is not a healthy business practice. That's why our 6-month to 18-month loans might be right for you.

Business Expansion Loan

If you are fortunate to be a growing small business – congratulations! You know, however, that expansion can be a double-edged sword. It means more patrons and sales, but also taxes your kitchen staff, or requires more inventory to fill the shelves. It means more than just adding space, and requires solid thought before a business incurs the added expense.   If you¡¯re clear on your plans, are confident the expansion will grow your revenue, and need a loan to make it happen, then our business loan might be right for you. We offer loans from $5,000 to $150,000. This covers small renovations to existing space up to larger projects such as construction for an addition. Our loans are short term so you can pay off the debt quickly and start realizing the profit from your expansion.

Temporary Cash Flow Loan

If you are a seasonal business, sometimes you need to purchase inventory and hire staff before the real revenue flows in from the season ahead. Or, your expenses might be temporarily higher because you purchased more inventory to take advantage of a volume discount. It is always important to leave a cushion of cash in your bank account to avoid returned checks or overdrafts. This is when a cash flow loan makes sense. It provides the working capital you need to keep your business running smoothly. To ensure you¡¯re making the right decisions about borrowing, you should look at your revenue and expenses over the last six months. If your revenue has been consistently decreasing, while expenses have been flat or increasing, then a temporary cash flow loan may not be what you need. Cash flow loans are for generally healthy businesses that need temporary cash and have the means to repay the loan quickly.

Popular Business Loan Clients:

Retail Stores

The current economy is tough on retail! Deciding to borrow business money in this environment is tricky. Is it wise to invest early to beat the competition, or should an owner wait and continue to manage expenses tightly until a rebound is definite?  We believe in small businesses and continues to provide business money loans even in this economy. OKLEM specifically offer 6-month to 18-month business money loans that reduce the risk of longer term planning.

Medical and Dental Offices

General medical and dental offices have special needs in comparison to many main street businesses. Fortunately, traditional lenders are often available to provide business money loans for major equipment and business start ups.  But sometimes general health facilities need further cash flow once they¡¯re up and running, for smaller purposes.  We focuse on your cash flow. So if office equipment is already in use as security for a traditional business money loan, but you have strong cash flow and can tolerate an additional business money loan payment, our program may be a good alternative. You can use your business money loan as working capital.

Small Grocery

Small grocery stores compete by selecting convenient locations and specialty foods to draw customers. It¡¯s especially tough to compete when major grocers with well-known brand names have a natural draw and significant floor space.  For smaller grocers, around 5,000 square feet or less, our small business loan is a good financing alternative when a traditional bank loan is just out of reach.


Restaurants have historically faced difficulty obtaining business loans from traditional banks. Without significant assets or receivables, restaurants have no collateral to secure financing. As the affordable business financing options decrease further for restaurants in the current environment, we have emerged as the best alternative when a traditional bank loan is just out of reach.


Franchises frequently need additional business financing to operate and expand their businesses. In addition, franchisees are faced with the ongoing challenge of meeting brand requirements such as purchasing new equipment to deliver a new product.  As the affordable financing options for franchisees decrease in the current environment, we are emerging as the best alternative when a traditional bank loan is just out of reach