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Probate and Estate Financing

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Welcome to  OKLEM Capital & Property


      Venture Capital / Project Funding / Private Investor Funding

            Residential / Commercial Real Estate Financing

                 Private money / Hard money / Bridge Financing

                       Rehab / Construction / REO Flip Financing

                            Probate and Estate Financing

                                 Reverse Mortgage for 62+ Years old

                                      Medical Practice Financing / Doctor Loan

                                            Business Financing

                                                  Real Estate / Business Brokerage



Welcome to OKLEM Capital and Property! OKLEM C&P is a full service consulting and brokerage firm that specializes in funding and financing, real estate, and investment. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients by strategizing their specific needs, no matter how complex and having the most updated program in the industry. Our excellent reputation has been built on our ability to provide fast and creative solutions for clients who have come across challenging times and are in need of best services. As a full service consulting and brokerage firm, OKLEM C&P has an experienced staff offering expertise in every aspect of business. We pride ourselves on assisting our clients by strategizing their specific needs, no matter how complex.


OKLEM Financing Program: Maximize Profit & Minimize Cost.

We directly work and negotiate with the Banks, Lenders & Investors nationwide: our rates and fees are extremely competitive and we have unbeatable closing rates.  Our extensive array of financing programs include : Residential and Commercial Real Estate financing,  Private money , Hard money , Bridge Funding,  Rehab, Construction, REO flip, Probate and Estate financing, 62+ Reverse Mortgage and Business-related Financing including Medical Practice Loan, Venture Capital, and Project Funding.


             "I want describe my pleasant experience with Oklem Capital and Property here..  It was the only time I have               ever felt secure entering into a loan.  Honest, friendly, and educated staffs to address any and all concerns,              and  they closed the loan I need quickly and  securely.  Oklem C&P will make you feel the way the bank              should! I couldn't be more pleased and definitely will bring my business back to Oklem C&P. If you are tired              of lies in financing industry, Oklem C&P is the place to regain confidence in financing."    

                                                                                                  Tristan Seipert  (Lakewood, CA)


          "This company got me a loan and I was more than happy with the service. Everything was straight forward and            easy. Great customer service and very fast response time on any questions or concerns you might have and            they have very friendly service. This is a wonderful company to due business with, and I hope to due business            with them for years to come."

                                                                                                  Herman Dhillon  (Woodland Hills, CA)



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                           Tel :   213- 788-3388      

                           E-mail :  OklemGroup@gmail.com   ( General & Real Estate Financing )

                                          OklemCapital@gmail.com  (  Business Financing & Project Funding )

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