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For Fast and Creative Solution!

Private money / Hard money / Bridge  Financing  

With institutional and individual funding sources, Oklem C&P is able to offer rates and terms that are unavailable to others. Our private money is for a very specific niche of the real estate loan market. We can promise some of the lowest fees in the industry as well as a reputation of honesty, straightforwardness & flexibility to make deals work. Our program is also great for clients who need immediate funds, face credit problems, or developing non-standard projects and are not able to access more traditional financing. See if your loan scenario qualifies for funding with Oklem.

 * For Investors, Rehabbers, Corporation, Probate Estates, and Sub Prime Money      

 * Borrowers who do not meet the stringent requirements of conventional underwriting guidelines

 * Fast financing solutions for borrowers who have come across financial challenges, and are in need offast,

   creative financing solutions

 * Fast decision on your loan application, which allows our clients to get their hard to close loans funded quickly

 * Approves based on property's equity and borrower's ability to repay the loan, not based on credit score

 * For capital acquisitions, property development, foreclosure bailouts, bankruptcy discharges, debt consolidation,    probate resolutions and loans to administrator /  executor of an estate in probate


            Program Highlights and  Advantages  :

·        Fast, Flexible, Asset-based Financing    

·        Foreclosure, NOD, Bankruptcy, Bad credit OK

·         Residential, Commercial, Construction, Rehab, REO Flip, Land Financing

·         Rate and Term, Purchase, Refinance, Investor loans, and Cashout

·         Loan amounts from $50,000-  TO $20 million + in any lien position

·         Loan approvals in as little as 24 hours

·         Loan documents in as little as 48 hours

·         Can close as little as 7-14 days

·         Corporations, LLCs , Estates, Trusts  OK

·         Probate loans OK

·         Foreign nationals OK

·         Stated Income, Stated Asset with No Verification available : Investor Financing

·         Highest Loan to Value (LTV)  possible

·         Wide variety of property types

·         Nationwide Network & Funding


             Please Contact us for free consultation and evaluation at

                   OklemGroup@gmail.com  or  213- 788-3388



 About Private Money  Financing :

Hard money financing is also called "Private Money Financing". It is a specific type of equity-based loan. It is a short-term bridge loan that is used for acquisitions, turnaround situations, foreclosures and bankruptcies. Interest rates, although somewhat higher than a normal real estate loan, are less costly than taking on a financial partner or losing the real estate opportunity altogether. Hard Money is mostly funded by private entities secured by notes to private investors. Hard money loans are funds, typically from a private lender, that are backed by the value of the property, not by the credit worthiness of the borrower. Hard money loans have lower loan-to-value (LTV) ratios than traditional loans because the property itself is used as the only protection against default by the borrower. Hard Money and Bridge Loans are needed in todays market. Traditional banks put more emphasis on a prospective borrowers credit and a future developments income projections. Most hard money lenders assume they could end up owning property if the borrower defaults.  Many hard money borrowers cannot obtain financing elsewhere because their projects are too speculative or their credit is questionable, and this where short-term financing can assist these borrowers until they stabilize their project/property and it becomes bankable.  All loans will be considered, and are based on exit strategy, value, and ability to demonstrate repayment of the loan

 Why would anyone need a Private Money / Hard Money loan when other conventional lenders charge lower interest rates and fees?

There are numerous reasons why individuals opt to choose hard moneylenders over less expensive conventional lenders. Most of the time, certain borrowers or properties cannot meet the compliance requirements of conventional lender's financing guidelines.

Another reason is Hard Money lenders close loans more promptly as compared to conventional lenders. Under certain conditions, we can fund loans as quickly as 24 hours that typically take within 2-weeks to fund. Conventional lenders can take more than 30-45 days for residential properties, and 90-120 days for commercial properties. The prompt loan closings of we has helped numerous clients use their funds for capital acquisitions, property development, foreclosure bailouts, debt-consolidation, bankruptcy discharges, probate resolutions and loans to administrator/executor of an estate in probate.

            Please Contact us for free consultation and evaluation at

            OklemGroup@gmail.com  or  213- 788-3388