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Probate Estate Financing

Oklem C&P helps provide immediate financing to heirs of probate estates and trust beneficiaries. We make this loan process as easy and as least complicated as possible by dealing directly with the Client and their Attorney/Executor of the Estate. Commonly known not to incur any monthly payments to the loan applicant, the loan is straightforwardly paid by the probate estate once the probate process concludes, and heirs get to keep the remaining funds. We help the estate with funds to help meet its financial obligations.


As long as the client/heir's probate case is either currently open or in the process of being opened,we will help to make sure you get your cash inheritance in a matter of days from the time of your application. Our terms and costs vary depending on how complex the probate case is and how long it will take for the estate's assets to be distributed. The loan advance for cash inheritance can go up to $2,000,000.00 - depending on the assets in the estate and inheritance's size.

Attorney / Executor of the Estate

Being the personal representative to administer the estate of the decedent, we. will help in the easy process of your client's application to quickly get the desired cash inheritance. We immediately advise what the required paper work and documentation is needed, we help produce for you any court requirements during the lengthy probate case. Oklem C&P will work hard to assist all parties involved with financial obligation debts.

Give us a call at 213) 788-3388  and our financing specialists who have experience dealing with probate cases will work with you in every step to help satisfy your client's needs from start to finish.


     Please Contact us for free consultation and evaluation at

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