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Reverse Mortgage

A Reverse Mortgage is a loan that allows eligible senior homeowners age 62+ to convert a portion of their home equity into a stable source of tax-free supplemental cash flow. A Reverse Mortgage gives you the ability to enjoy financial security and peace of mind, while remaining in your home during your retirement years. 
You¡¯ve worked hard all your life. This is an opportunity for all of the time and money you¡¯ve invested into your home to start paying you back.
A Reverse Mortgage is an innovative Federal Housing Administration (FHA)-insured loan that enables you to tap into some of your home¡¯s existing equity to obtain the cash required to assist you in meeting your retirement needs and achieving your financial goals. 
Many senior homeowners are taking advantage of a Reverse Mortgage to supplement their retirement. It¡¯s not only flexible; it also offers security and dependability in today¡¯s challenging economy. A Reverse Mortgage may be the ideal solution for you. 
If you¡¯re 62 years of age or older and have sufficient home equity, you may be eligible for a Reverse Mortgage. Use the loan proceeds however you want! 
You also have the freedom to use the money you receive however you want—there are no limitations:

  • Pay off an existing mortgage or other existing debt
  • Supplement your retirement income 
  • Modify your home for better accessibility 
  • Cover large or unexpected expenses
  • Make home improvements and repairs
  • Travel to visit family and friends or take vacations
  • Contribute to your grandchildren¡¯s college education
  • Gifts for the children/grandchildren
  • Live a more comfortable lifestyle

    *However, if your home is in need of FHA-required repairs or you have an existing lien, judgment, or taxes that are due, those must be satisfied, either through the Reverse Mortgage loan proceeds or prior to obtaining a Reverse Mortgage.

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 Reverse Mortgage Info

As a leading Reverse Mortgage provider, we are committed to educating seniors about the different Reverse Mortgage options available to them and providing loans that help meet their financial and personal needs.

What is a Reverse Mortgage?
A Reverse Mortgage is a loan that allows senior homeowners age 62 and older to access a portion of their home equity and convert it into tax-free funds.* It can give you the financial security and supplemental retirement cash flow to stay in your home and live independently—without having to sell your home, give up title, or make monthly mortgage payments.**

The federal government has put in place several Reverse Mortgage safeguards to protect and shield seniors from predatory lending practices. Chief among them is the mandate that a third-party counseling session must occur with an independent HUD-approved counselor before an application can be processed. Other safeguards include caps on rates and fees, as well as FHA insurance that limits loan repayment to the value of your home at the time of sale and protects you against lender insolvency. 

Eligible Properties
Generally, single-family residences, two to four-unit owner-occupied dwellings, townhouses, approved condominium units and some manufactured homes are eligible for a Reverse Mortgage.


Now is the Time to Prepare for a Secure Retirement
Gain peace of mind now by knowing that you can remain in your home and your community for the rest of your life. Reverse Mortgages are protected by the government and specifically designed to secure your financial future throughout retirement. More than 400,000 Americans have already benefited from Reverse Mortgages. Contact Richard Balsys, an experienced Genworth Reverse Mortgage Advisor, and let us make it easy for you to do the same

                         Please Contact us for free consultation and evaluation at

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